Hello! Привет! Multilingual appdb and API 1.1 deprecation

Published on Mon, 13 Feb 2017 15:45:27 +0000

Hello everyone! Привет, комрады!

Today we are rolling out API v1.2, it is almost the same as API v1.1, but it is multilangual and with different error codes.

We translated almost whole wesite, and, if you will find that something is broken or looks strange, feel free to reply to topic on our forums.

U're welcome to help us to translate appdb to another languages, information about translation and how to do it is also included in that forum topic.

Currently we translated appdb to Russian language, so English and Russian are available. You can switch languages in the bottom of every page (if they won't switch automatically based on your browser settings).

Unfortunately, our old API v1.1 is not compatible with such features, so we implemented API v1.2, documentation was updated as well. API v1.1 is deprecated for now and will be completely disabled on 15th March, so feel free to update your apps ASAP.

Thank you for using appdb,

Best regards, appdb team!