WWDC 2017 and appdb PRO with iOS 11

Published on Sun, 04 Jun 2017 08:55:48 +0000

Hello everyone!

Tomorrow we will take a look at new iOS 11 and, maybe, new devices from apple. We are glad to say that appdb PRO allows you to install iOS 11 beta to your device, so you can obtain beta configuration profile or find IPSW on internet and do this.

However, we want to stay away from iOS 11 beta until we will test in with appdb PRO on our own devices. Usually, appdb will be compatible, because we are using official secure apple protocols to deliver apps to your devices, but who knows. (with iOS 10 release, we have tuned some parts of appdb to accept 2-digit iOS version number and changed the way how appdb does compatibility checks)

Thank you for support and we wish you to watch a great show tomorrow!