The largest PRO revocation by apple, lots of users are affected

Published on Sun, 11 Jun 2017 08:01:43 +0000

Today, some PRO users were affected by appdb's PROs revocation again, this is the largest revocation and it's affected more than 1700 PROs, and it is forth time guys...

Symptoms are the following:

  • Apps are crashing upon launch.
  • Apps are not installing via PRO, causing "can not be installed at this time" error.

Fortunately, we have a system that auto-detects such cases and schedules devices to be re-activated again. Appdb will say to you that issue was detected and your device was scheduled for re-activation. Apps that were installled via appdb with broken PRO need to be re-installed again, as our sorry, your re-activated PRO will last for one year.

Please note that activation usually happens within couple minutes, but sometimes it may take up to 24 hours.

And one more thing - PRO servers are now may be overloaded, so if you will receive "server denied" error, just try again in a little while, we are monitoring performance and fixing everything in realtime.

Sorry for the inconvenience,

appdb team.