Announcing PRO price increase at 15th June 2017

Published on Tue, 13 Jun 2017 12:05:01 +0000

Hello everyone!

A bit sad news have arrived. As you may see, couple days ago Apple has revoked lots of PROs and appdb has lost over 40% of our staff support program fund, which is used to cover all re-activations of PROs. It was the largest revocation ever, affected approximately 2K of PROs.

We have experienced very huge load to all of our infrastructure, our tech team had two sleepless nights bringing everything back online and functioning. Our infrastructure need to be updated as well to handle such disasters seamlessly in future.

Appdb is non profit project, we run it just because it is our hobby, we want to help everyone to test apps before buy, and we support indepentent developers, so they can publish apps on appdb for free.

Unlike other services, we are responsible of what we do, so, with revokes, you will get almost unlimited PROs, because on every re-activation it will last for one year, and we somehow need to pay for servers again and again, we need to support our uploaders, so they can download and crack new apps for you by using our Staff Support Program.

That's why we are increasing price of PROs to $18.99 at 15th June 2017, to cover our expences to servers, restore Staff Support fund to previous level, keep things up and running, as always.

We hope everyone understands that it is necessary to keep appdb alive and let it offer the same wonderful experience and support.

Thank you for your dedication and usage of appdb.

Best regards, appdb team.


PS: For our referral program and for staff support program, PRO price remains the same - $10 :)