PROtection, new terms for PROs and new domain [update]

Published on Fri, 28 Jul 2017 10:34:47 +0000

Hello everyone!

It's time for good news. We have polished our PROtection, now PROtection checking is working fine on every device.

Under the hood, we made lots of changes to appdb. And the most visible is that is now Yes, just like an App Store, but an AppDB store :)

Now appdb will trurely check that your device is PROtected for every installation you request through appdb.

Regarding new policies for PROs:

  1. All revoked by Apple PROs can be triggered for manual re-activation (if you aren't PROtected) since 180 days of first activation, for these types of devices: iPhone, iPad, iPod. If your PRO has revoked after 180 day, you need to chose - use PROtection or obtain new PRO. We suggest you to use PROtection and forget about revocations forever.
  2. For Apple TVs, nothing will be changed, PROs will be re-activated in any case during full year after your purchase. This is because it is too much services on AppleTVs depend on DNS and there are no content blockers for it.
  3. PROs will still be untransferable.

For users: For better experience, re-link device to appdb by deleting profile from settings, and linking device again. PRO and apps will remain. Devices, that were not relinked will stop to work with appdb at 1 September 2018, and you need to relink it after this date in any case.

For 3rd party app developers: Main API endpoint now is , for all other APIs enpoints, please change "" to "". Also, please check updated app installation flow, to keep users secure.

Old endpoints will become inactive on 1 September 2017. Domain will stop to redirect to at 1 September 2018.


These rules will become effective at 1 August 2017.

Best regards, appdb team.