Official statement regarding "Nesstool" malware

Published on Thu, 21 Sep 2017 12:07:09 +0000

Hello everyone!

As a huge part of jailbreak and sideload community, appdb keeps an eye on other services that provide similar functionality, but, unlike us, some of them are focused on profit rather than providing freedom for everyone to choose a place where to find, download and test apps.

As you may know, we were the first on the market who introduced PROtection, that helps you to keep your apps safe, even if Apple will revoke your PRO. Furthermore, we made it automatic and app-less. It is a huge advantage :)

The idea behind it is to block access to Apple's servers that revoke PROs, and it works as described - it just blocks it, nothing more.

Now we see how Tutu released the same technology (and it will even be detected correctly by appdb - because it uses the same technique to block apple's server) - but in a face of malicious application, that:

  • Starts local VPN server that captures all your traffic and, possibly, sends it somewhere else. (while one possible behaviour is to block access without any traffic collection and setup of VPN server)
  • Blocks you access to other services like AppValley and, maybe, appdb (and abusing your freedom to download apps from anywhere)

Such behaviour (when a user has not requested and was not warned about such features) - is only possible for one type of software - malware.

We strongly advise guys at Tutu to remove such malicious functionality, and publish the source code of the app to let the community review it.

And we ask you to remove this application as soon as possible, until it will be fully reviewed.

As our part of openess, you can download our digitally signed PROtection profile for review and manual installation to devices that are not linked to appdb. You can find it here:

Best regards, appdb team.