Searching for PRO resellers and contributions to Staff Support Program

Published on Wed, 03 Jan 2018 20:01:34 +0000

Hello everyone!

New year, new opportunities! We are searching for international resellers of appdb PRO, because we found it's easier for our users to obtain PRO from our resellers, they are much more helpful when they are talking to you on your native language and providing excellent support.

And, from now on, we are introducing our Staff Support Program to resellers, that allows uploaders to obian more apps and fulfill all requests in time. Each reseller can contribute random amount from his voucher to Staff Support Program and help the community.

appdb is only one non-profit project that provides various support to it's members - that's why people love us.

Please send your reseller proposals to webmaster/at/appdb/dot/store and if you want to become member of community - feel free to request uploader account on our forums.

Best regards, appdb team.