Over-The-Air AppleTV installation support & AppleTV crackers wanted

Published on Fri, 12 Jan 2018 08:43:41 +0000


Thank you for your patience and thank you, dear Apple, that you finally implemented Over The Air Installation in Apple TV's. From now on, if your AppleTV has iOS 11.0 or above, you don't need xCode, cable or anything else - like Jobs said, "it just works" - you will receive the same installation prompt on your Apple TV, as you see it on your iPhone/iPad/iPhone.

And more - Apple TV crackers wanted! Since we have Apple TV jailbreak, that is available at appdb, you can drm-free apps and share them with community.

Appdb will grant free PRO for your ATVs for your cracks, so you can install jailbreak, please contact Freddy on forums and PM email that you used to link your ATV.

Best regards, appdb team.