Le Grand Robert de la langue française

Le Grand Robert de la langue française

The most authoritative and comprehensive record of the French language now available on your Mac, in a full new edition!
The ultimate reference tool and a fundamental educational resource for the French language.

Unrivalled richness:
• 100,000 words, 350,000 meanings, their evolution and their use
• etymological analysis for every entry
• an exceptional anthology of French literature, from classical to contemporary authors: 325,000 quotations
• a complete dictionary of authors, including 2,000 biographical and bibliographical entries
• 25,000 expressions, idioms and proverbs
• 5,000 comments on the French language
• more than one million hypertext links to homonyms, related words, antonyms, derivatives and compounds

A new digital edition, fully updated and enriched with new features:
• the latest edition of Le Grand Robert, with thousands of new words, from everyday life to the most recent scientific developments: bimédia, biovigilance, chambreur, écohabitat, s'évacher, mobinaute, réseauter...
• a new interface, entirely redesigned to bring the most easy-to-use and intuitive way to browse the dictionary, for exceptional readability
• powerful search facilities: autocompleting search, extended search in various indexes (inflected forms, expressions and idioms), spellchecker
• full conjugation of all the 11,000 verbs of the dictionary
• direct access to the dictionary of authors

Enhanced value and increased possibilities:
• Le Grand Robert is automatically available as a "Service” on your Mac, and can be called directly on any word from any application, using a simple short key.
• full hypertext navigation, with any word clickable within the dictionary
• different display modes allow selective information to be looked up: definitions, quotations, examples, synonyms and antonyms, etc.
• article maps to understand the full structure of large entries at a glance
• standard facilities: printing, enlarging text size, copying, etc.

Search and browse the full dictionary thanks to the powerful multi criteria search engine:
• phonetic transcription (ideal for rhymes),
• word first, middle or last letters (useful for word games, crosswords, etc.),
• semantic field, region, language of origin…
• quotations (by words, expressions, author, reference…)
• full-text search of words or expressions, inflected or lemmatized, throughout the entire dictionary, with lemmatized facility