Thunder Assault:Flying Games

Thunder Assault:Flying Games

>>>>>Become a Master of the air combat in Thunder Assault<<<<<
Thunder Assault: Space bullet force is a classic space shooter game.
Flying and avoiding enemy spaceship's bullet hell. Facing the threat from the Darkside.
Amass the most powerful galactic bullet force and smash the miscreants into galaxy debris!
The galaxy future is depend on your Phoenix aircraft squadron. Bullet Hell Jets: Raiden Aircraft Space Shooter!

Features :
-8 supreme battlefields
-15 Fierce Boss battles await, with soul-stirring storylines and challenging galaxy stages
-5 unique raiden fighters waiting for you
-Epic battle scenes coupled with adrenaline-pumping music
-Varied and deadly enemy spaceship

Easy to play! Conquer the enemy Jets and avoiding their bullet hell just by swiping your finger!
Now, come and join in Bullet Hell Jets: Raiden Aircraft Space Shooter and shoot’ em UP!

Thanks to American player:BILL BIXBY for language support.

What's New

Go ready for this airplane fighting!